How to Get Google AdWords Certification: 3 Steps with extra tricks. 2018

¿Do you want to get google AdWords certified?. Search no more, follow the three steps below and you will pass the exam!.

1. The basics. Create your account and understand the process.

The very first thing you need to do is create an account with your personal/professional details in the Academy for Ads. You can register if you already hold an account with Google (otherwise you will need to create one).

It is important that you understand the process of getting AdWords certified:

First. Pass the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam with a score of 80% or higher (65 questions, 90 minutes)

Second. Pass one of the other Google AdWords exams with a score of 80% or higher. (100 questions, 120 minutes). Choose the ones you wish to pass, the most popular are AdWords “Search”, “Display” and now “Mobile” certifications.


2. Let’s get started!. Study and be prepared to take the assessment.

It is easy, but… you will need to read, practice and study the terminology. First, go through the AdWords study material, it is very dynamic and fun to follow, read it a couple of times and take notes about the things you want to remember and write down the new terminology you found on the way, to study later on (AdWords has many terms that might be new for you, and they, for sure, will appear in the test).

Once you have read all the material watch the official Google Adwords videos about the topic you are studying (this explains what you have already read, but it will help you to understand and retain the terminology).

After reading and watching the videos, open Google AdWords and practice what you have learned.

Finally, take a look at the notes and terminology you took before during the reading process.


*Advice. I have got certified in just two weeks and my knowledge of Adwords was quite basic at the time. I recommend you to get registered and set up a few campaigns to see the platform and understand the process of creating a campaign.


*Extra trick!!. After you have done everything above and you are ready to take the assessment, search in YouTube for people who took the exam the same month (or the month before) and the year you are going to take yours. Some people share their exams. Watch the questions typically Google ask and try to answer them with the knowledge you already have (be careful with how other students answer, as they sometimes did not select the right one, use this as a guide for questions only). This will help you a lot!.


3. Take the exams and get certified!.

Once you are about to take the exam, you might feel a bit nervous. Don´t be! If you have followed all the steps above, you are ready to pass this exam. Read carefully and take time to answer all the questions, you have enough time.

If you fail, don´t worry!. You will be able to take the exam again in 7 days.


Extra step, 4. Congratulations!. Now… share, share and share your certifications!.

Now that you are Google AdWords certified, add it to your CV, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram account!. This will bring you more job opportunities and your CV will shine.

Chao and good luck everyone. If you found this articule useful, do not forget to share :)