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Online sales planning and optimization for the territories of the USA, Spain and Italy, digital marketing planning, graphic design and new product development. TensCare is an small but fast-growing company and I had the opportunity to get involved in those different areas of work in the business.


Working with market places such us Amazon and eBay I was responsible for the online sales in Spain, Italy and the USA alongside with the online business development in other countries. My tasks included market research, product placement, planning and executing promotions, paid advertising, data analysis, monthly reporting, driving performance and forecasting.

Marketing was another big pillar I was part of. I was responsible for developing and implementing the annual marketing plan alongside with the marketing team. I was executing the social media strategy, posting on a weekly basis, generating engagement, creating content, promoting brand awareness and driving traffic to our websites.

TensCare cares about their brand and their visual identity. In this regard I have renewed some aspects of their branding, such as the catalogue, packaging, logos, naming, flyers, banner and other promo and advertising materials, as well as creating brand guidelines and showing the rest of team how to implement them.

I also had the opportunity of being part of the process of new product development and buying.  TensCare was adding new products to their catalogue and I participated in generating ideas for some of them in addition to developing one of them, from the product research, concept testing, prototyping, market testing, brand identity design to product launch.

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