Marketing Specialist | Emmaus

Summary In the Uk, I started as a Marketing Specialist in a voluntary position at Emmaus Leeds. I developed and implemented a social media plan and helped them broadly in different marketing activities. This NGO gave me the opportunity of developing new ideas and implementing them in order to improve user engagement, increase traffic to their website and attract new customers into the store. Tasks Based on customer feedbacks and current trends I adapted the look of the store and did product merchandising in the clothes area. I also took photographs on a daily basis, edited them and made them ready to fit on their brand guidelines for the website, social media and marketplaces (such as eBay). Working daily with the social media channels, I generated relevant content to attract customers, ran promotions, edited video, pictures and developed a community in Instagram. I was responsible for the production of graphic design pieces such as posters, marketing materials, email newsletters, banners and social media graphics. I was assisting also with content creation and copywriting for the social media channels and drafting press releases. Part of my job also included events organization and PR activities. I organized one event to launch the […]
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NGO “Signus” | Product Development.

Summary Creation of a NGO, its respective website and visual identity as a final project for a “Social Communication” course from, example of a design and communication job applied to a charity. Process and tasks Idea Development. Market Research Idea Screening Concept Development & Testing Prototype Development (Naming, Visual Identity and Website) Key Skills Achievements
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Personal Project | HeroAds – Advertising with Social Causes.

Summary Personal Blog/Website created with the objective of sharing advertisment campaigns with social causes, from Charities, NGOs and organizations who care about the social good and the environment.   Tasks Visual Identity and Website Design (WordPress), design and development of a Marketing Plan, Social Media Channels administration, Content Curation and Content Creation, Social Media Optimisation and Basic SEO tactics.   Example campaigns shared Main Achievements  
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